Our mission is to promote and preserve, through education, the skills, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the art of fine gunmaking and its related crafts.

Griffin & Howe - 2023 Showcase

Join Griffin & Howe and The Hudson Farm Foundation to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Griffin & Howe, the 25 year anniversary of Hudson Farm, and the Grand Opening of the new Griffin & Howe Showroom!


The Showcase will run on Friday June 2nd, Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th - tickets are available for each day. Enjoy an exhibition of the industry’s finest exhibitors and a range of shooting events, all to raise financial benefits for the future of fine gun making craftsmanship through the American Custom Gunmakers Guild Foundation.

Archiving Knowledge

We will also be sending people out to interview our aging membership, to archive the knowledge and insight they have acquired in their life's work as gunmakers for those who follow.

Scholarships & Education Opportunities

The American Custom Gunmakers Guild Foundation was created by the ACGG to aid the coming generations of custom gunmakers and help them succeed in their chosen profession through financial aid and educational opportunities.  We will provide scholarships and other grants to young men and women who seek a career in the art of fine gunmaking.

Access to Professionals

We will work with the gunsmithing schools that wish to include advanced gunmaking as part of their curriculum, sending Professional Members of the ACGG to advise and serve as guest instructors at these schools.  Our members will not only be sharing their skills and knowledge of our craft but will provide insight into the challenges of running a successful business in the gunmaking field.